Pain is an evolutionary process …

Sheldon Cooper says in The Big Bang Theory that pain is an evolutionary process. It forces you to develop strength, maturity, insight and courage. It makes you see things in a different light, in a way unperceived in our happy state because we are too engrossed in celebrating….

Pain is necessary.

Pain is pertinent.

And whether the world is mature enough to understand it or foolish enough to berate it, it is your reality…

So deal with it because no one else can and no one else will !



Love in the air


    Love is all around , Love is in the air !!

That’s what the picture tells too !! 😉



Reminiscences of the past



These little  reminiscences of the time spent with you still adorn the pages of my life !

The freshness of the petals is ephemeral, but that of the memories is eternal.  



Walk a mile in my shoes





To all the people, who judge me before knowing my story, I say

“ Walk a mile in my shoes ! Then only will you know.”

“It isn’t as easy as you would have probably thought! “