Why I write….

I am afraid of speaking my heart out in front of people,

Writing gives me a better and non-judgmental platform….

Am I unlucky for you ?

Thank you Doctor !!


Thank you doctor for bringing me into this beautiful world and giving my parents their first bundle of joy!

Thank you Doctor for cheering me up and making me smile while giving me vaccination injections.

Thank you Doctor for offering me chocolates every time I came to your clinic for treatment of minor ailments or for vaccination.

Thank you doctor for treating me when one of my friends accidentally hit me in the eye, although you had to get up from sleep at night.

Thank you for consoling my mother and telling her I was absolutely fine, who was so scared and alone while my dad was away on business tour.

Thank you doctor for bringing my younger brother who has become the apple of my eyes, into this world.

Thank you doctor for treating my mother’s stones.

Thank you doctor for turning up at my house late at night while I was burning hot with fever.

Thank you doctor for inviting me to your yoga sessions and introducing me to meditation, which has left an indelible and soothing effect on my body and mind.

Although I failed to say this to you each time you gratified me with your care, I am saying it to you today.
Innumerable thank yous for the past and equal number of thank yous for the future, because , you, Doctor, are an indispensable part of every human ‘s life. You are the blessed creation of God and an angel in disguise. Although many a times we fail to realize this, but if God created us, you brought us into this world. Yours is the noblest profession of all.

To every Doctor on this planet, on this Doctor’s day (in India), I offer my deepest respect and gratitude.

  Happy Doctor ‘s Day !!


For all the doctors and patients alike,  here is a must watch video : Patient Doctor Relationship

Hear Me Out – Let’s Beat Cancer



Everyone reading this

16th June , 2015

Let me tell you a story, a story of a  beautiful girl , a bundle of joy to her parents , apple of her brother’s eyes, a dear friend to all, and a academic topper – now a Cancer patient. We all dread the word – she is living it everyday – A girl named Manuja.

She was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. She got cured and we all thought she has come victorious and defeated the most dreaded disease. But her disease relapsed in 2014. Now she is in USA for medication.

She had a dream of completing her education. She has to continue her medication for Gods knows how long ! The expensive  treatment  has drained her family ‘s financial resources.She is trying to complete her education in US while she continues her treatment.

My point in sharing all this with you ? She needs your support.

Your support can be in the form of financial aid to fund her treatment or education, sharing the detail with your friends and family who can provide aid or including her in your prayers or a simple text to her to show that she can fight the battle and come out victorious and we are all there for her. If there is any opportunity for her in US that you know of and which can help her , Please get in touch with me or her.

                Please visit the below link to know her story :


Let’s help her in defeating CANCER. #ManujaWillWin

– Amateur