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DIY – A candle holder from a cold drink can

Despite of having a full time technical profession, my creative side yearns to come out every now and then, sometimes in the form of words or rhythm – and most of the times -through ART. It is an irony that I have been sharing the least frequent manifestations of my creative side, and not sharing the more frequently happening outbursts!

But that could have not been the case for a long time, and that’s exactly why I am here –  introducing a new section altogether – another small endeavor in my blogger’s cap –‘DIY (Do-It-Yourself)’ wherein I will be sharing the shenanigans my ‘less-technical-more-creative’ mind is upto! Recycling waste materials present at home and creating out of it an art with visual appeal is something that intrigues me and can keep me occupied for days on end without letting even an iota of boredom touch me. My favorite area in DIY is lighting. I love lighting up a place with different colors of light, aromatic candles etc. Wall art is another area of interest.

For the first post, I will sharing my method of converting a used cold drink can into something useful – in my case – a hanging candle holder. It is a very easy DIY and can be done with materials already present at your home. In case a can is not available, plastic bottles can also be used.

Materials Required:

  1. Used Cold drink Can or used plastic bottle
  2. Fabric Paint
  3. Glitter Powder
  4. Scissors/Pen Knife
  5. Ribbon
  6. Glue,Marker
  1. Mark the can to cut it into two halves – Precision is not required.


2.Using scissors or pen knife cut the can into two halves – Please be cautious at this step.

3. Make random holes in the can which will let the candle light to seep through.



4. Make two holes opposite to each other at the top of the can to tie the ribbon which can be used to hang the holder.

5. Paint the can with colors of your choice.




6. After the paint  dries, apply glue on the can and stick the glitter powder to give a glossy finish.



7. After the glitters have dried, tie the ribbon , place the candle inside the can, light it and hang it.

I used rasberry aromatic candles – they are so good !


And the final product looks something like this !


Suits the festive season ! 🙂






Dance Along


Dance, Dance
Dance to the beat,
Dance, dance
To music, tap your feet !

Dance, dance
Throw caution to the wind,
Dance, dance
Make your body swing !

Dance, dance
Let the rhythm flow,
Dance, dance
Let your face glow.

Dance, dance
Bring your friends to the floor,
Dance, dance
Groove and twirl to the core.

Dance, dance
Put your hands up in the air,
Dance, dance
With panache, elan & flair.

Dance, dance
Whenever you are sombre,
Dance, dance
Swirl around, don’t ponder.

Dance, Dance
What if you are not a pro*,
Dance, dance
You will steal the show!

Dance, dance
Dance with all your heart,
Dance, dance
It is more than just an art.




A Note to the readers: It might seem more of a lullaby or a nursery rhyme than a melody , but I had to incorporate the simplicity with which dance can have an indelible effect on a person’s spirit. Being a dance enthusiast myself, I feel very relaxed and at peace after a dance session. It is a stress buster and mood lifter for me and I enjoy it thoroughly. I am not a professional. I dance not to please or entertain others. I dance for myself ! Hopefully, you can try it too and experience the magic!

*pro : professional

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