About me


I am a girl in my early 20s – an amateur at pretty much everything ! Here to share some of my thoughts and creations, learn new ones, see the world through a different lens and get a new perspective. My proclivity for blogging developed around three years ago (back in 2015) when I realized this as an excellent platform for speaking your heart out and vent out your emotions – something which is needed at times in life ! I took a break of two years when I decided to pursue my post graduation in Human Resource Management. Now that I am done with it, it is time to come back !

Blogging gives me a sense of accomplishment of being in touch with my inner self. And when you are in touch with your inner self, there is very high probability that the decision you take or the deed you do are right for you and your life.

In this blog, you can find my random thoughts strung together in words or melodies, few DIY projects that I undertake to let my creativity flow sometimes, pictures that touch my heart in some way – in a nutshell, ‘A date with an Amateur’ is my heart on a page ! Since I am an avid reader, you can find reviews of books too which are close to my heart !

I am available on only one social media platform : Instagram –

Happy reading !



7 thoughts on “About me

    • Thank you Lora !! I am glad you liked it ! 🙂 Please visit again…This inspires me to write more and more 🙂


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