Don’t judge me before you know me

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To all the prejudice minds,

And people anxious to judge,

Who turn an eye blind

And shelter a ludicrous grudge,


Unaware of my strength,

Ignorant of my struggles,

You have watched my life at arm’s length

You don’t know my troubles.


Do you really make yourself believe

You have touched my soul’s every nook ?

My friend, the smiles and tears can deceive

I am not an open book !


I intend not to fool you,

Nor I wish your admiration,

But I also don’t want you

To judge me on preconceived notion.


You are free to have your opinion,

About me, my demeanor as a whole,

But do not let bias establish dominion

Over your righteous, sound soul.


Spend time to discover,

My desire and my intention,

Lift the bias cover

I am not an epitome of pretension.


Misunderstood by people, my intentions and gestures,

It is miserable to bear & see,

Even difficult when I know very well

Those people don’t know me


Love me, hate me, show me your ire

Once inside my heart, you see

Have an opinion as you desire

But don’t judge before you know me !


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