Commonly Used Idioms Part -4


Are you falling short of idioms to juice up your writing skills – here ‘s the 4th Edition of Idioms , exclusively for you !!

Idiom Meaning Sentence
Burn bridges To permanently and unpleasantly end your relationship with a person or organization He has burned bridges with his company so badly that it affecting his career.
Be baying for blood If someone is baying for blood of a person, he wants the person to be hurt or punished Families of the victims were baying for blood during the trial.
The head honcho Most important person in an organization

Honcho : person-in-charge,leader

You’ll have to ask Alan, he’s the head honcho in our department.
Nip in the bud to put an end to something before it develops into something larger. By arresting all the leaders, they nipped the rebellion in the bud.
On the same page In agreement, have the same understanding or amount of knowledge. Jane organized a meeting solely to assure that all her team members were on the same page regarding the recent critical requirement.
Rear its ugly head to appear or become obvious after lying hidden.(for something unpleasant) The interview went very well until a question about his academic record reared its ugly head
Write in black and white write down the terms of an agreement; to draw up a written contract; to put the details of something down on paper. We agree on all the major points. Now, let’s write it in black and white.
Run amok to go awry; to go bad; to turn bad; to go into a frenzy. Our plan ran amok.
Under a cloud Under suspicion Someone stole money at work.Now , everyone is under a cloud.
Albatross on one’s back/around one’s neck something that you have done or are connected with that keeps causing you problems and stops you from being successful The Emergency of 1975 is an albatross on Congress’s back.
straw in the wind a slight hint of the future The public unrest is a straw in the wind indicating future problems for the regime.
throw caution to the wind become careless Let’s throw caution to the wind and enjoy the party !
all in a day’s work part of what is expected, typical, normal Studying after office is all in a day’s work for me.
hunky dory fine, going well Everything was hunky dory at the meeting.
black and blue bruised , physically or emotionally She is still black and blue from her breakup.
hearth and home family and home Our first loyalties are to hearth and home.
take a beating to be severely criticized, to be damaaged by something A country’s image will take a beating if it is proved to be unsafe for women to live.
not give somebody the time of day to refuse to speak to someone because you do not like them or because you think you are better than them He’s so arrogant, he won’t even give you the time of day
play hardball to act strong and aggressive about an issue with someone. Things are getting a little tough. The president has decided to play hardball on this issue.
Cock a snook to show that you do not respect something or someone by doing something that insults them In the end he refused to accept his award, cocking a snook at the film industry for which he had such contempt.
food for thought something for someone to think about; issues to be considered. My adviser gave me some food for thought about job opportunities.
bite the dust to die The soldier was too young to bite the dust.

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